Football Stadiums

Football Stadiums New And Under Construction

With the SuperBowl LI on the television today I thought it would be a good time for an article to help summarize all of the new stadiums under construction or recently completed for football teams around the United States.

Stadiums have been evolving over the years and the new stadiums are some of the most exciting to come out of the NFL. The new stadiums not only feature innovative designs but also push technology to a whole new level.

Technology in construction

Technology On The Jobsite

The move to a more digital platform for managing construction sites is one that many companies haven’t yet made. For many – the fear of changing a successful formula is out weighed by the benefits of moving into the digital age. Unfortunately for the construction industry – my generation – the mellenials are here to stay, and as a result we are keeping our fancy phones and devices on us during working hours.

Renovation in Construction – Tips and Suggestions for a Successful Project

The construction industry is changing and a higher percentage of construction companies work is related to renovations instead of new builds. Renovations are often more complex than green-field projects because the work you are performing can impact existing occupants or negatively impact the building itself.

Today’s article will help to outline some of the common challenges found in renovation work and how to overcome those challenges.