About Essential

Making the πŸ—οΈ construction industry better.

By providing instant access to thousands of documents, tutorials and other digital resources for construction professionals.

In 2017 we set out on a journey, a journey to find information about the right way to manage a construction project.

During our search for information we continually came up short. Information was hard to find, and the existing information was completely decentralized. While there were plenty of company websites – true community websites that aggregated information did not exist.

And so, Essential Construction was born.

At first, just as a blog, but over time, it has grown into the web’s largest resource for construction related information.

We have built Essential Construction in five main sections, each providing a unique use:

πŸ“ Files
A marketplace for professionals to share their construction documents and templates.
πŸ“š Academy
A place to read and share tutorials and find information on topics related to construction.
πŸ› οΈ Exchange
A question and answer platform for construction. Get answers from our buildAI directly.
πŸ“ Directory
A web directory for construction companies and projects throughout the world
πŸ“° News
Aggregation of the latest construction news from around the internet.
In use by professionals across the globe:
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We’re only just getting started.

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Founders Note

We’ve been there too.

Though out my career in construction I have found the industry to be closed off and afraid to share information. Construction is competitive, many of us hide our information because we think it gives us an edge.

The construction industry is far behind others in sharing best practices, technology adoption and personal growth.

In an effort to help – I have made it my mission to share my knowledge and experience with others. Through not just paid services, but, platforms that educate and innovate.

I look forward to you experiencing what my team and I have created. If we can be of assistance in any way please reach out directly.

Thank you and I look forward to growing together.

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Kyle @ Essential Construction

Let’s build the future together.