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Top Five cnstrctr Blog Posts of 2017

Our blog work here at cnstrctr started in December 2016, so it goes without saying that the year 2017 has been an important year for us. We’ve introduced a glossary, discussion forum and have written over 40 articles aimed at helping the construction, architecture and engineering industries. We’ve grown our followers on social media accounts by over 1500 followers.

Today we’re going to run through our top five articles of 2017 by traffic generated. Looking forward to continuing this journey with everyone in 2018.

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featuredImage 1 1 - Construction - The Building Cycle Infographic

Construction – The Building Cycle Infographic

The construction industry can be confusing and so can the project building cycle. When do contractors typically come on board? Who manages what? How is the design developed? These are all really good questions and the whole process can be tricky to navigate.

This week we wanted to share an infographic we found on the internet which does a really good job at explaining the whole process.

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coffer ceilings

Coffered Ceilings – An Infographic

A few weeks back we were browsing the different websites we regularly check into and found a great infographic on coffered ceilings. For those of you that don’t know, coffered ceilings are those fancy looking ceilings you see in fancy houses that get framed up into a pocket. They can be used on commercial construction as well – with great success.

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