Top Five cnstrctr Blog Posts of 2017

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Our blog work here at cnstrctr started in December 2016, so it goes without saying that the year 2017 has been an important year for us. We’ve introduced a glossary, discussion forum and have written over 40 articles aimed at helping the construction, architecture and engineering industries. We’ve grown our followers on social media accounts by over 1500 followers.

Today we’re going to run through our top five articles of 2017 by traffic generated. Looking forward to continuing this journey with everyone in 2018.

5 – Lean Construction – Pull Planning Explained


In December wrote an article on pull planning. Lean construction can sometimes be a confusing subject, and it’s one of the big buzz words in the construction industry right now. Pull planning is the process of scheduling from a milestone backwards with the help of your trades and all parties involved. Check out the article for a full rundown on scheduling and pull planning.


4 – How to Manage Construction Project Risk


The proper management of risk on a construction project is the sign of a good project manager. It is vital for the success of any project or set of projects. One of the things we walk you through in this article is identifying risk in a timely manner and sharing it amongst others by way of a risk register. Read more on how to effectively manage your construction project’s risk.

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3 – Five Ways To Make Your Building More Efficient


It doesn’t take long for you to come across the next great thing that will save you money in the real estate and operations industry. We’ve been working in the construction industry now for over ten years and have made five recommendations to improving your building’s efficiency that make the most sense. Read up on all of the building efficiency tips here.

BONUS – since writing this article, we’ve done a number of project using spray insulation and can’t say enough about the application of this material onto existing surfaces!


2 – Beating The Construction Labour Shortage


For years people have been warning of the upcoming labour shortage in the construction industry. With baby-boomers retiring and young people more interested in careers in tech, finance and other industries it’s created a real problem. Like it or not this problem is here and isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ve offered some advice such as implementing lean techniques, training and developing your existing employees to help beat the shortage.


1 – Seven Steps for Construction Startup


Our most visited article of the year focused around getting your project started. A strong project start is critical to project success and doing it incorrectly can mean a schedule that starts out behind. Making sure that your safety plan is complete, budget is signed off and in place and your work plans are fully thought out are just a few ways to get prepared. We share our most important steps to construction project setup in this article.


That’s it from us for 2017! We look forward to an exciting and productive 2018 with all of you. If you have a different article that you really enjoyed let us know below in the comments.

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