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The construction definition is something that is challenging to explain in just a paragraph. The simplest definition of construction is performing an activity that will physically manipulate our surroundings.

Construction definition can be broken down into a few categories:

Minor Construction – this is the type of work performed by you and your friends on a weekend to your basement. Minor construction includes renovations to households, building a new piece of furniture or re-paving a driveway.

Major Construction – this is the type of work that requires a contractor to get involved in. It can include additions to a house, a new house to a new highrise or major civil project.

Construction is ultimately anything you or a company does that modifies or creates a building, road, bridge, damn, sattelite, etc. It’s a vast over arching activity.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
construction (noun)
the act or result of , interpreting, or explaining - construing
a) the process, art, or manner of something - constructing , also a thing - constructed
b) the construction industry - working in construction
the arrangement and connection of words or groups of words in a sentence syntactical arrangement
a sculpture that is put together out of separate pieces of often disparate materials