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A process whereby asbestos or contaminated material is removed from an area by setting up containment facilities to remove it safely without contaminating the surround areas. There are various levels of procedures, however in general there are four main requirements:

  • Respiration protection for the workers
  • Polyethelene suits for the workers to prevent carrying material away on clothing
  • Tarps to protect surrounding environment
  • Protection with poly and proper disposal of material

There are other requirements that may be implemented depending upon the severity of contamination:

  • Air monitoring
  • Negative air units to create negative pressure within the containment facility
  • Showers for workers to clean themselves off afterwards
  • double and triple bagging material
  • Visual and air testing


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abatement (noun)
the act or process of the state of being - abating abated
an amount abated , especially a deduction from the full amount of a tax