Construction Sectors Explained

There are numerous divisions of construction that many people refer to as ...

There are numerous divisions of construction that many people refer to as as a construction sector. These construction sectors are serve to break up different types of buildings.

There are five major construction sectors which include Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential and Civil. Below you will find a brief explanation of each:

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Industrial Construction Sector

The industrial sector is primarily made up of you guessed it industrial construction. This can include manufacturing plants, power generation, refineries, oil and gas plants, and the list goes on. The sector in many instances has some of the largest and most remote work. Many large industrial plants are located in very rural areas well outside the bounds of major urban centres.

Some of the main challenges of this work are scope and size, location and overall complexity, planning a construction project is key to success.

commercial constructionCommercial Construction Sector

The commercial construction industry is all about the areas of office, retail and entertainment. This sector is often the beating heart of large cities. Commercial construction can include buildings from doctors offices to movie theatres to office buildings to malls. Some of the most unique and interesting architecture can be found in this division.

Retail is always a fast changing division and as such renovation construction work can be a regular source of income for many Firms.

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Residential Construction Sector

If commercial construction is the heartbeat of cities residential construction is often measured as a heart beat of a nations economy. If people are buying houses it means the economy is doing well.

Residential construction often includes buildings such as homes, condos, old age homes and other home type buildings. These buildings can range in size from several thousand to hundreds of millions on residential condo buildings.

Civil Construction

Civil construction is one of the larger divisions and is actually broken down into multiple sub categories. Civil construction includes things like roadways, damns, railroads, bridges and anything that can be defined as infrastructure.

Civil projects range significantly in size and scope. From a culvert replacement into a driveway to a damn powering a small city. Because many of these projects have complex technical requirements firms tend to specialize in them and avoid the work above. Because of that the quality in construction tends to be higher and more stringent.

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