Easy Renovations Uses Technology in a New Way to Approach Kitchen, Bathroom or Condo Renovations

One of the most frightening words to any homeowner is the dreaded ...

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One of the most frightening words to any homeowner is the dreaded ‘renovation’. It evokes thoughts of noise, dust, distraction and perhaps most invasive, disruption. Many homeowners may discuss the idea of renovation for a long time, but don’t know how to start or where to turn to find a reputable and trusted partner to guide them through the process.

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“Horror stories of contractors taking forever to finish or simply disappearing are prevalent in the industry,” says Eugene Volkov, Managing Partner of Easy Renovations, a one-stop-shop which began during the pandemic when all showrooms were closed and they developed virtual material catalogues and 3D online visualization for clients which replaced the showroom experience. “We have a strict process and provide support every step of the way. Our planning allows us to control all aspects to minimize things that can go wrong. We procure and deliver on-time the top materials, finalize in detail and visualize on 3D renders each project so our teams of renovators can build exactly what the client wants.”

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Easy Renovations services the entire GTHA from its head office in Etobicoke, a bathroom showroom in North York and kitchen showroom in Markham. They are experts in condominium renovations and provide the guidance, project planning and trusted contractors to carry out the job to completion, whether it is to increase living flow in the condo, or a kitchen or bathroom renovation. They adhere to a timeline of seven business days for a typical bathroom renovation and all of their prices are final and guaranteed. They go to great lengths to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible to eliminate the intimidation factor that often comes with renovations.

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“We take all the regular headaches away from the clients,” says Volkov. “Clients do not need to leave their homes to get amazing materials delivered for free for a wholesale price, we supply them with trusted quality installers and they get a free design of their future space and an amazing team to back them up.”

The Easy Renovations experience begins with a phone call to explain the process and to ask the clients to send them a few photos of the space to be renovated. Clients have access to a 100-page catalogue of quality brand materials (including tile) for every budget. Clients are then assigned a designated project manager who provides a detailed process outline and a price which includes both labour and materials.

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There is then an in-home visit to perform measurements, bring samples of materials and finalize requirements. Clients are then provided with a free 3D visualization of what the renovation will look like and upon approvals to move forward, the materials are then procured and they and a disposal bin are delivered to the site a few days prior to the start of the renovation. The project manager is on-site to answer any questions to ensure complete satisfaction.

“We are a renovation company with a new way to approach bathroom, kitchen or condo renovations,” says Volkov. “We have a large back office with project planners, designers and logistics staff. We are ideal for condominium renovations as certain rules apply from building to building. Our back office takes care of all of the approvals with ongoing communications with the property manager as our crews specialize on condo work to turn our clients’ home design dreams into reality.”

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Within the building industry, perhaps more so than some other industries, it’s of paramount importance any company has solid relationships to access the highest quality materials and the best contractors.

“Easy Renovations has leveraged our industry relationships with distributors to secure excellent prices,” says Volkov. “We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve product offerings for our clients. We also make sure we pay above industry wages to our renovator and installers to keep our work at the highest quality.”

With his experience in the business, Volkov has some advice for homeowners who may be considering a renovation, advice which could save them time and money over the long term, and frustration during the process.

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“Consider how long and often you shall use the space you are planning to renovate and be at peace to pick quality over a cheaper price. When picking a renovator, look at their infrastructure, what is the chance they may disappear tomorrow, and how is their reputation? And where you may be purchasing materials on your own, do you have to deliver it yourself?”, he says.

There are few limits to what we can now do virtually and planning, arranging and managing your home renovation online is a natural evolution of ease-of-use technology, with Easy Renovations taking a perceived negative and turning it into a seamless and enjoyable process.

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