Streamlining Construction Workforce Management with Lumber’s Shreesha Ramdas

In this episode of the AEC Business podcast, Aarni Heiskanen spoke with ...

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In this episode of the AEC Business podcast, Aarni Heiskanen spoke with Shreesha Ramdas, CEO and co-founder of Lumber. The company is innovating in the construction technology space, focusing on workforce management. Shreesha shared his journey from tech startups to the construction industry, driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in a sector ripe for innovation.

Future-proofing with technology

Shreesha discussed the construction industry’s challenges, particularly the impending workforce crisis, with a significant portion of skilled workers nearing retirement. He emphasized the need for digital tools to enhance productivity and attract a new generation of workers.

For construction tech startups, Shreesha advised focusing on customer success and providing proactive services to facilitate the transition to new technologies. He also stressed the importance of making technology an enabler rather than an additional burden for construction firms.

Lumber’s mission

Lumber’s mission is to empower the often-neglected back office of construction firms and improve the daily lives of field workers through digital transformation. Their platform offers real-time payroll and time tracking, ensuring compliance with complex labor laws and regulations.

Shreesha highlighted the importance of integrating new technologies with existing systems and the need for a service mindset to ensure successful adoption by construction firms.

Looking ahead, Lumber aims to capture and distribute the knowledge of experienced workers to newer employees, enhancing safety and productivity on the job site. Shreesha’s vision for Lumber is to not only improve workforce management but also to contribute to a safer and more efficient construction industry.

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