Why you should start sharing your documents in the cloud

How many times did you feel frustrated because you were not able ... Read more

How many times did you feel frustrated because you were not able to find the right document the moment you needed it or due to all the emails that you had to send back and forth to validate the latest version of your programme?

Let alone the stress of not knowing if your teams on site are working based on the latest version. Even when you managed to reach them and share with them through email or WhatsApp the latest PDF, there was still no way to see whether all team members had seen it and took action.

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How could you change that and prevent your teams from working in silos? The answer is simple. By transferring all project documents to the cloud in a centralised data source. In that way, you would be able to give everyone in your project full visibility over what’s coming next and what is required from them. At the same time, excessive administrative workload and endless emails would stop being a constant nightmare for you. All critical information and documents would be accessible by everyone in a single source of truth making progress monitoring and communication around the programme much easier and less time consuming.

Like that, planning can become again the central point of your project. Why would you want to do that? Simply because, planning is the heartbeat of every project in construction. It’s like running a race, if you want to run your race you need to keep your pace under control. If you start too slow you will not be able to catch up, if you run too fast you’ll probably be exhausted before the end. It’s about finding the right balance. And you can only achieve that if you seamlessly share your schedule with your entire team making everyone face the same direction.

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Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most. Building a strong culture around planning and a deep understanding that if you deliver on time, you will most likely keep your project on budget, as well. It’s the safest proxy for avoiding additional costs.

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